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Envirocare DIY Face Mask

F.A.Q. Regarding EnviroCare Vacuum Bags and the Covid-19 Pandemic:




Q: Can EnviroCare vacuum bags be used as DIY masks?
A: As a last resort our HEPA or Allergen bags can be used as filtration insert or mask materials for a DIY mask.

Q: I have Micro-Filtration or 4-Ply bags, will they work as materials in a DIY mask?
A: Micro-filtration bags are paper bags with a micro-filtration liner inside the bag. The micro-filtration liner is a melt blown liner electrostatically charged to attract dust molecules. We only recommend these bags as DIY mask inserts for cloth face mask coverings as an alternative to coffee filters per the CDC.

Q: Do EnviroCare bags contain any fiberglass?
A: None of our bags or filters contain fiberglass.

Q: What is the filtration of your HEPA and Allergen bags?
A: Our HEPA and Allergen bags filter 99.97% down to .3 micron. These are layered bags which were designed to collect dirt and debris in household vacuum cleaners. The filtration level is based on all the layers working as one to filter out allergens and fine dust particles. Removing any of these layers will reduce the filtration level and efficiency.

Q: Would we be able to purchase, or can EnviroCare donate HEPA or Allergen bag materials to make masks?
A: All manufacturing is done in China, we only have finished bag materials here in the US. Additionally we are currently out of stock on all HEPA and Allergen filtration bags at this time.

Q: Can you change production to make masks?
A: Yes we have changed over our HEPA and Allergen bag manufacturing toward the focus of making masks.

Q: Why is there a CP65 warning label on your package? Are these bags harmful?
A: All packaged products sold in the state of California require a CP65 label on them. The bags and the bag materials are not harmful in any way.

Q: Can your bags be cleaned for mask reuse?
A: Our bags were not designed to be masks, they were designed to collect dust and debris in a vacuum and be disposed of. They were not designed to be cleaned, disinfected, bleached or reused as the bag filtration material will break down from water.

Q: What HEPA or Allergen bags will provide the most material?
A: Our part numbers A812, A824, A713, A890, and A161 are the largest HEPA and Allergen bags we manufacture.