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Now you can order your vacuum cleaner bags, filters and parts from the comforts of your home. To keep your home clean and healthy be sure to change the vacuum cleaner bags in your vacuum cleaner more often when you are vacuuming fine particles of dirt and dust. You should also have your vacuum cleaner tuned up by a qualified vacuum cleaner dealer as recommended by the manufacturer. In most cases you may be able to do miner maintenance to your vacuum cleaner yourself. Things like changing the vacuum cleaner belt and brush roller can often time be done at home by the owner. Here are a few tips on keeping your home clean and healthy. Smoking in your home should be kept to a minimum or discontinued. Maintain adequate ventilation especially when you’re cleaning with your vacuum cleaner. Wash your pets often. Use a vacuum cleaner that has met the carpet & rug institutes green label standard. According to the a CRI study using an efficient vacuum cleaner on hardwood floors removes more dust than dust mopping. We hope your vacuum cleaner is running fine for you but if it’s time for you to look at a new vacuum cleaner please feel free to ask us for help.

When shopping for vacuum cleaner bags or parts please be sure to compare apples to apples. If the products listed on our site say “Genuine” or “OEM” (original equipment manufacturer) they are the same as you would purchase from the vacuum cleaner manufacturer. Products described as “Replacement” are made by third-party manufacturers to fit those makes and models. Other important points include the difference between “HEPA filtration” (High Efficiency Particulate Air) and regular or traditional filtration. Vacuum cleaner bags with HEPA filtration tend to be more expensive and provide better filtration then regular filtration bags. People suffering from allergies may be better served using HEPA filtration vacuum cleaners and bags.

As the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for”, that is true about vacuum cleaners as well. If you go to a store and buy a vacuum cleaner of the shelf for a couple hundred dollars and think you will get the same quality as a more expensive brand think again. Every day we get calls from people who purchase a “Cheaper Vacuum” at a local store only to find out they cant get parts for it. Our customers who take the advise of experts in the field know that spending a little more upfront and using the advise provided will save them from a lot of headaches and in the long run money. We get asked all the time what brands we recommend and it does very depending on what you are using the vacuum for. Example of good residential vacuum cleaner brands in our opinion would be Kirby, SEBO, Windsor, and Cirrus. For commercial cleaning we recommend brands like Windsor, SEBO, and ProTeam. We recommend that before you purchase a vacuum cleaner go online and try to find parts for it. Many times you will see vacuum cleaners for sale today that you can not get parts for. Why would you purchase something for a couple hundred dollars if you cant even keep it running?

If you are not sure what vacuum cleaner bags you will need please check the vacuum bag currently in your machine. Look for a reorder number or bag type to be printed on the outside of the vacuum cleaner bags. Remember, if you purchase vacuum cleaner bags in larger quantities you can save on the shipping cost. It may be wise to check with your friends or neighbors to see if they also need vacuum cleaner bags. If your order total before shipping is $50.00 or more we will offer free shipping inside the USA. We look forward to serving you and hope you will return often. Please be sure to tell everyone you know about the great service and savings you got while shopping for your vacuum cleaner bags at OnlineVacshop.com. Thank You!