Cirrus Vacuum Reflector, Light Cr68/78/88

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C-73412 Cirrus Vacuum Reflector, Light Cr68/78/88

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Cirrus Vacuum Reflector, Light Cr68/78/88

Cirrus vacuum cleaners and parts are high quality at a price that most people can afford. Whether you’re looking for a quality vacuum cleaner for every day use, a powerful vacuum specifically designed to remove pet hair, or a multi-purpose canister vacuum, Cirrus make a vacuum cleaner for you. Unlike many Vacuums on the market today, Cirrus make the choice to use metal components for critical wear items to ensure their vacuum’s are durable and long-lasting.
When shopping for Cirrus vacuum parts please be sure to use the part number like C-73412 or the part description like Cirrus Vacuum Reflector, Light Cr68/78/88 to find what you need quickly.


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