CleanMax Zoom CLH-6 HEPA Vacuum Bags 9 Pack By V.A.C.

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CleanMax Zoom CLH-6 HEPA Vacuum Bags.
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Replacement CleanMax Zoom CLH-6 HEPA Vacuum Bags 9 Pack By V.A.C..
Manufacturer Part# VAC54 is happy to list these CleanMax Zoom CLH-6 HEPA Vacuum Bags made by (V.A.C.) Vacuum America Clean.
V.A.C. Brand HEPA vacuum cleaner bags are superior to other brands and may be even better than OEM bags.
These H-10 HEPA vacuum bags have 5 layer filtration with non-woven fabric producing 85% filtration down to .3 microns.
These bags can capture and hold almost all of the fine dust and allergens your vacuum can pull off the floor and hold it securely in the bag for disposal. You should purchase your CleanMax Zoom CLH-6 HEPA Vacuum Bags by V.A.C. with confidence knowing that you got great value at the lowest price anyplace.


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