Multi function LED Headlamp with Rechargeable Batteries

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Boruit Multi-Function LED Headlamp
3 CREE LED bulbs with max output up to 5000 Lumins.

Rechargeable zoom head lamp with 3 T6 XML CREE LED bulbs
1 click on the power switch turns on the middle light.
2nd click is for the 2 side lights.
3rd click turns on all lights
for maximum power brightness.
4th click is a powerful strobe light.
Takes (2) 18650 rechargeable batteries INCLUDED!

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These Multi-Function headlamps are great for any outdoor activities
Camping, fishing, hiking, as well as professional activities like delivery drivers or anyone going out after dark.
The Pro-Series Headlamp with 3 LED Bulbs is surprisingly light and comfortable and can be worn for hours.
This LED Torch Headlamp also has the double adjustable headband for added comfort and stability.
A lot of the cheaper LED Headlamps only have 1 headband that wraps around the side of your head.
With a single headband you will spend a lot of time adjusting and re-adjusting the lamp as it slides and moves around.

Comes with charger!

Multi function LED Headlamp with Rechargeable Batteries
Multi function LED Headlamp with Rechargeable Batteries

Warring: This item is intended for adult use only.
The brightness of this light can harm eyes and cause blindness.

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